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The Kentucky Solar Energy Society's mission is to promote the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and conservation in Kentucky through education, advocacy, networking, and demonstration of practical applications.


April 30, 2020 

Net Metering still available in Kentucky - no utility action to change rates, so far. 

The Kentucky legislature passed SB 100 in 2019 to make changes to net-metering regulations. However, changes to net metering will not go into effect until the Public Service Commission (PSC) rules on rate cases brought by each electric utility. Therefore, full retail-rate net metering is still available in Kentucky for any systems installed before utility rate cases are resolved.

SB 100 allows utilities to recover their costs associated with net metering from net metering customers and directs the PSC to rule on how this should be done. These changes will be addressed through rate cases brought before the PSC by electric utilities.  

SB 100 allows all systems installed before the new utility rates are established to be grandfathered for 25 years under the existing net metering rules and receive full retail credit for excess power supplied to the grid. 

As of April 30, 2020, no utilities have filed rate cases to change their net metering tariffs, therefore Kentuckians still have access to traditional net metering. 

February 12, 2020

'Energy for the People Lobby Day' 

The 2020 'Energy for the People' lobby day was a real success.  50 people came to Frankfort to lobby legislators.  Many participants reported worthwhile conversations with legislators at the end of the day.

But, despite our best efforts, HB 323, which would have fixed problems with last year's SB100, was not acted on by the House Natural Resources and Energy Committee.  Calls and messages to the House leadership and to the Republican members of that committee urging them to take action were to no avail this year.


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